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Cohabitation Agreements in San Diego

Settle Your Dispute with a San Diego Divorce Attorney

In cases in which unmarried couples have lived together for an extended period of time and end up breaking up, both parties may find themselves having some difficulty dividing their assets, the custody of their children, and various other issues. Creating a cohabitation agreement can protect both parties as it serves to separate assets and outlines the obligations and rights of each partner if the relationship ends.

At Fair Cadora, APC, we have drafted numerous cohabitation agreements and can help streamline the process for you. Discussing a cohabitation agreement with your partner can be uncomfortable if not handled properly. Our San Diego divorce lawyers understand this and will work with both parties to secure a safe and open dialogue to come to an optimal resolution.

  • Our firm can provide assistance in cases involving:

  • Unmarried couples

  • Heterosexual couples

  • Same sex couples

  • Live-in couples

California Law & Common Law Marriage

While it is common knowledge that California does not recognize common law marriages, couples who live together for an extended period of time may have rights related to property division and financial support. The landmark case that put the rights of live-in couples in the spotlight was the 1976 case of Lee Marvin and Michelle Triola. The California Supreme Court ruled that unmarried people who cohabitated could sue for property division when the relationship ended and that agreements made between unmarried partners should be enforced like any contract would. The Marvin decision paved the way for cohabitation actions, often referred to today as Marvin actions.

Representation When You Need It Most

If you have recently ended a relationship in which no cohabitation agreement had been made, it is important to have a skilled family law attorney representing you, whether you are bringing a claim, or defending yourself against one. Our knowledgeable San Diego family lawyers at Fair Cadora, APC, can effectively represent you in any Marvin actions. We can help you reach a settlement with your former partner that allows you both to move forward to the next chapter of your lives.

To set up a free consultation with our San Diego divorce attorneys, contact Fair Cadora, APC at 619.432.3555 today!

Contact Fair Cadora Today

We offer a free 30-minute confidential consultation to discuss your case

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