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Domestic Violence Lawyers in San Diego

Seek Help from a San Diego Divorce Attorney

Cases involving domestic violence can be emotional and difficult to navigate for all parties involved. In situations in which someone is being physically or emotionally abused by a spouse, partner, parent, or family member, one of the options that our firm looks into is obtaining a restraining order. When you contact Board Certified Family Law Specialists Lauren M. Fair at Fair Cadora, APC, we can guide you throught the process and explain your various legal options.

  • Our San Diego divorce lawyers provide representation in the following areas:

  • Physical abuse

  • Psychological abuse

  • Harassment

  • Verbal assault

  • Stalking

  • Sexual abuse

Restraining Orders & Abuse

Restraining orders are often granted in cases involving emotional or psychological abuse, particularly abuse from a spouse or partner. The purpose of a restraining order is to prevent the recurrence of abusive behavior against the victim.

In order to obtain a domestic violence restraining order, the victim must have a close personal relationship with the aggressor, and the acts of abuse must be recent (generally within 30 days). At Fair Cadora, APC, our experienced San Diego divorce lawyers can work with you to expedite this process so that your restraining order is not disregarded by the court for exceeding a statute of limitations.

What If I Am In Danger?

If you feel as though your well-being is at stake, a temporary restraining order is often obtained without notice to the restrained person. This type of order is immediate and generally used in cases of physical violence, the threat of physical violence, or stalking. After a temporary restraining order is issued, the next step to attend an evidentiary hearing for the issuance of a permanent restraining order.

  • These cases often result in:

  • “Stay-away” orders

  • “Kick-out” orders

  • Alterations to child custody agreements

  • Alterations to visitation agreements

If you or a loved one is suffering from domestic abuse, don’t wait any longer to seek help. Contact the authorities as soon as possible, get away from your abuser, and once safe, seek out legal assistance. Our San Diego family law attorneys can stand beside you in your time of need to protect your well-being.

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Contact Fair Cadora Today

We offer a free 30-minute confidential consultation to discuss your case

Send Us A Message or Call Us at 619-255-8500 to get started.

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