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San Diego Legal Separation Attorneys

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Deciding whether or not to end your marriage is a very difficult decision that often requires immense time and consideration. In California, there are two primary methods for ending a marriage: divorce and legal separation. While divorce offers a permanent dissolution of your marriage, a legal separation allows for both spouses to separate without terminating their marital status.

Deciding which option best fits your particular situation may require the aid of a legal representative. At Fair Cadora, APC, our San Diego divorce attorneys can provide you with a comprehensive list of criteria to consider when deciding between a legal separation and divorce so that you can make an informed decision and maximize your potential for a positive outcome.

  • Some common reasons to consider a legal separation include:

  • Religious beliefs

  • Financial restrictions

  • Military benefits

  • Social Security benefits

  • Medical insurance

  • Family obligations

No Waiting Period

Unlike a divorce that requires a six-month waiting period to become finalized, once your legal separation agreement is filed, your final judgement can be expedited.

  • The process for legal separation is similar to a divorce and includes the following steps:

  • File a petition for legal separation

  • Decide on child custody and visitation

  • Reach an agreement on spousal maintenance, child support and property division

  • Obtain a final judgment of legal separation from Family Court

If you and your partner have children and are unsure as to whether you want to permanently dissolve your marriage, a legal separation can be used as a viable alternative to explore.

A Starting Point

A legal separation may begin as a temporary separation, but can be a foundation for your divorce settlement if you or your spouse decide to go forward with a divorce later. At Fair Cadora, APC, we understand just how complex this process can be on your emotional well-being. With over twenty years of combined experience, our San Diego family law attorneys can help you come to a decision that you can feel confident about.

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Contact Fair Cadora Today

We offer a free 30-minute confidential consultation to discuss your case

Send Us A Message or Call Us at 619-255-8500 to get started.

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