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While some attorneys will reassure you that determining child support is a relatively simple task, this is not always the case. At Fair Cadora, APC, our San Diego divorce attorneys understand just how complex the process of calculating child support can be and can work alongside you determine the correct amount of child support in your case.

  • Some factors that can affect the amount of child support ordered by the court include:

  • Parents’ individual disposable income

  • Division of time spent with children

  • Number of children being supported

  • Deductions for some expenses

Maintaining Perspective

Whether you are the parent who is paying or receiving support, it is important to mind the best interest of your child in mind. The calculations used to determine child support in California are based on a specific set of guideline formulas, which are intended help mitigate any feelings of unfairness by either parent.

If there is a significant change in circumstances of either parent, they can request a modification of child support. For example, a parent may become unemployed and request an adjustment to child support so the child’s needs will continue to be met while still allowing them to support themselves. A substantial change in parent income (usually 10% or more) is also a common reason to request a modification of child support.

Child Support & Modifications

If you need to modify your child support agreement, it is critical that you retain legal counsel. Attempting to modify your agreement without legal aid can result in negative consequences, such as an unfavorable verdict due to insufficient evidence or representation. Don’t gamble with your future, contact Fair Cadora, APC today and let our San Diego divorce attorneys handle your case.

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Our legal team includes a Bar Certified Family Law Specialist, which means Attorney Lauren Fair has gone through extensive credentialing and training to become one of few recognized legal experts in the state of California. Out of nearly 200,000 active and certified attorneys in the entire state, only 1,200 attorneys have pursued a Specialized Bar Certification in the field of family law. As a result, Attorney Fair is considered to be a specialized legal expert in the field of family law and is consistently on the cutting-edge of legal representation in this specific area of practice.

Additionally, Attorney Cadora is our firm's founding partner and brings a wealth of legal experience to the table. He also serves as a Pro Tem Settlement Conference Judge, where he volunteers his free hours with attorneys and clients to reach peaceful settlements, rather than vicious courtroom battles. As a trial attorney and Pro Tem judge, his in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the courtroom can be used as an advantage for clients.

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Our firm’s motto is “Divorce Done Differently” which represents our approach to every family law case.
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“She is not afraid to go toe to toe in the court room against opposing counsel and she made my ex and her counsel look vastly unprepared and downright foolish at times. Lauren paid attention to every detail and worked hard to keep costs down in what I would consider a high conflict divorce. Lauren is extremely trustworthy, so much I trusted her to represent me in court even while I was deployed overseas, which speaks volumes about her character.”
- Rob M., Former Client

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